The plan for our village


Despite meetings with MBC we have as yet been unable to resolve the differences that are preventing our plan from going to referendum.

The MBC Local Plan is still the subject of a legal challenge and HPC are waiting on the outcome before tackling the issues further.

You will see regular updates in our Full Council Minutes

HPC and the Headcorn Matters Team will be meeting with MBC on Monday 7th August to try to iron out the matters that are preventing our plan from going to referendum.
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Appealing advice note 7 5 17-1

Hazelpits – HPC right to a Judicial Review


Hazelpits – Response to DHA flyer March 20th 2017


Headcorn Neighbourhood Plan – Update 27th February 2017

We have now received the independent examiners report and despite our best efforts the examiner has stated that we cannot currently go to referendum. The Council and volunteers are now considering their next steps and more news will follow.

Letter to Gavin Barwell MP concerning the delay in Neighbourhood Plan process – 19th January 2017


Headcorn Wins Battle to Have a Judicial Review in the Court of Appeal 15th December 2016

Lord Justice Jackson in the Court of Appeal today granted Headcorn Parish Council permission to proceed with the judicial review of its claim that there was a failure to consider properly the need for an environmental impact assessment of the proposal for a 220-house development locally known as Hazelpits, off Ulcombe Road, Headcorn.

The main issue before the court was whether traffic generated by this development, and indeed similar developments along the A274 and A229 corridors south of Maidstone, was properly considered for their cumulative impact on highway congestion in particular in south and southeast Maidstone and the Wheatsheaf junction.  The court was concerned that the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government appeared not to have taken account of concerns raised by Barbara Cooper, the Corporate Director of Growth, Environment and Transport of Kent County Council.

Councillor Lyn Selby, chair of the Headcorn Parish Council said: “The Parish Council supports appropriate development in Headcorn and believes it has identified this in its recently completed Neighbourhood Plan.  This development raises significant environmental issues that need to be properly assessed.  We hope this decision will help ensure any development in this area of the village is right for Headcorn.  Therefore the Parish Council is extremely pleased with the decision to allow a judicial review.”

Richard Buxton, the solicitor taking the case for the Parish Council, said “environmental impact assessment is designed to let decision makers have all relevant information so they can properly scrutinise planning applications. This development is an example of concerns that can arise among local people where the process has not been conducted properly”.

The Judicial Review will now proceed in the High Court.



The Agenda for the hearing on 18th October can be found here agenda-06-10-2016a



Good news…..

Headcorn Parish Council have asked MBC to appoint the new examiner, Mr Jeremy Edge today. It is anticipated that the examination will begin mid July – 22 June 2012

Headcorn Neighbourhood Plan suffers further delays!

In addition to the delays at the turn of the year caused by MBC in progressing the Reg 16 consultation.

Completion of the Headcorn Neighbourhood Plan has suffered another setback….
After a delayed response from the appointed Independant external examiner Ms. Claire Wright and the announcement that the HNP would be the subject of a public hearing. We were then advised that the examiner had their NPIERS (Neighbourhood Plan Independant Examiners) accreditation.
This meant that our plan will have to go through another examination with a new examiner, who has just been appointed.
The choice of examiner has taken some time because the examiner that we wanted was rejected by MBC because of a conflict of interest and another had to be found. Needless to say HPC are very disappointed with the situation and have voiced that disappointment to MBC our borough councillors, KCC councillor and MP. – 17th June 2016

160504 Response to examiners questions HNDP

Examiner Ms Claire Wright initial response

HPC have received the examiners initial response to the HNP, this will be examined in detail by the HPC & Headcorn Matters team and more news will follow:-

NDP_Headcorn_InitialComments_01 May 2016 docx

Headcorn NP Consultation Statement for submission – November 2015

Appendix to HNP Consultation Statement – November 2015

HEADCORN MATTERS – Headcorn Neighbourhood Plan Report – Nov 2015 – Reg 16 HPC