Procedures & Policies

General Data Protection Regulation 

GDPR – General Privacy Notice

GDPR – Privacy Notice – Staff and Councillors

Council Standing Orders 

HPC Standing Orders May 2020

Other Policies 

Respect Bullying and Intimidation Policy February 2019 – Final

Headcorn Parish Council Retention Policy

HPC Capability & Disciplinary Appeal Procedures Policy 2015

Headcorn Parish Council CCTV Operational Protocol 2013

Communications & Media Policy 2015

Suggested Principles for Use of Social Media 2015

HPC Complaints Procedure 2018

HPC Data Protection Policy 2015

HPC Disciplinary Procedures Policy 2018

HPC Equal Opportuinities Policy 2015

HPC Grievance Procedure Policy 2018

HPC Health and Safety Policy 2018

HPC Personal Harrassment Policy and Procedure August 2015

HPC Public Participation And Questions Policy 2015

HPC Sickness Absence Policy 2015

HPC Travel Expenses Policy 2015

Kent Code of Conduct 

Kent Code of Conduct – MAY 2020