Mr. Jamie Freeman is owner & operator of this private aerodrome and is pleased to answer any queries about its operation (01622 890226). Restrictions do apply to the flying activities that take place, in order to try and strike a balance between the needs of the users and the local residents.

More detail about all the activities of the aerodromeĀ  including special events can be found on their website

Each year, in order to mitigate local disturbance , a number of days, are designated as aerobatic free days. These dates are published by the Parish Council.

Parish Councillor Linda Thorogood is the Headcorn PC representative on the Airfield’s Consultative Committee which is the liaison between the airfield and the local villages for any issues.

If you wish to contact the Council on the subject of the aerodrome and its activities please email the Parish Clerk on

Aerobatic Free Days 2021