Headcorn Aerodrome

Small propeller driven aircraft have flown from the privately owned Headcorn airfield for many years, using a grass airstrip between the two world wars. During the 1960s unplanned growth at the airfield raised public concerns and following pressure from Headcorn Parish Council (HPC), two Planning Inquiries took place in the 1970s. Planning Permission was granted by the Inspector with a series of planning conditions, under which (with a few adjustments) the airfield continues to fly. It is also licensed and regularly inspected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Headcorn Aerodrome Consultative Committee (HACC), also a result pf the inquiry, was duly constituted by Maidstone Borough Council’s legal department as a liaison between the airfield and the neighbouring parishes, Headcorn in particular. It consists of parish, borough and county councillors plus representatives from the various organisations that fly from the airfield. HPC is currently represented on HACC by Cllr Linda Thorogood.

The airfield continues to be used by General Aviation using grass runways. Public areas are available for watching the aircraft. More details about the activities including special events can be found on the website Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent – EGKH

The operator, Jamie Freeman, can often be reached on 01622 890226 for comments or questions. He produces each year a list of days voluntarily designated as aerobatic free days, which is published by HPC. Recently he has enhanced the voluntary No Fly Zones around the main flight circuit. Both actions in order to mitigate local noise disturbance.

Any issues regarding the airfield should be addressed to HACC c/o The Airfield, Shenley Road, Headcorn or to the Clerks office on

Aerobatic Free Days 2024