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Burial Ground

Burial Ground

The Burial Ground in Headcorn is at the Rear of Methodist Church, High Street, Headcorn and is a non-denominational burial ground.

The acquisition of the burial ground from the Methodist Church was completed in early 1980 and at that point Headcorn Parish Council took over the responsibility for its management. At that time, the area extended only as far as the path that links Parsonage Meadow and the wooded area known as LongMeadow.

In 2003 an application to extend the burial ground from the stated footway to the boundary of the land (adjacent to the railway) was approved and it was agreed that the area would be developed in three stages. It was a condition of the application that  and no burials shall take place in the areas marked Stage 2 and 3 until the area marked as Stage 1 had been fully used. The same will then apply for Stage 3 that cannot be used until Stage 2 is filled.

In 2020/21 work has began on the preparation of Stage 2 and when completed the land will be consecrated by the Bishop.