The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip has sadly passed away aged 99.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip has sadly passed away aged 99.
His final days were spent in the comfort of Windsor Castle with his wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth.
Headcorn Parish Council would like to convey our sincerest condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh
No books of condolence will be available for the public to sign due to the Coronavirus pandemic but the public can sign the national e-book of condolence here –
Any one wishing to leave floral tributes may do so at the War Memorial

Headcorn Aerodrome

Small propeller driven aircraft have flown from the privately owned Headcorn airfield for many years, using a grass airstrip between the two world wars. During the 1960s unplanned growth at the airfield raised public concerns and following pressure from Headcorn Parish Council (HPC), two Planning Inquiries took place in the 1970s. Planning Permission was granted by the Inspector with a series of planning conditions, under which (with a few adjustments) the airfield continues to fly. It is also licensed and regularly inspected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Headcorn Aerodrome Consultative Committee (HACC), also a result pf the inquiry, was duly constituted by Maidstone Borough Council’s legal department as a liaison between the airfield and the neighbouring parishes, Headcorn in particular. It consists of parish, borough and county councillors plus representatives from the various organisations that fly from the airfield. HPC is currently represented on HACC by Cllr Linda Thorogood.

The airfield continues to be used by General Aviation using grass runways. Public areas are available for watching the aircraft. More details about the activities including special events can be found on the website Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent – EGKH

The operator, Jamie Freeman, can often be reached on 01622 890226 for comments or questions. He produces each year a list of days voluntarily designated as aerobatic free days, which is published by HPC. Recently he has enhanced the voluntary No Fly Zones around the main flight circuit. Both actions in order to mitigate local noise disturbance.

Any issues regarding the airfield should be addressed to HACC c/o The Airfield, Shenley Road, Headcorn or to the Clerks office on

Aerobatic Free Days 2021

Headcorn Neighbourhood Plan – Residents Survey

Please take part in our residents’ survey to help shape Headcorn’s future over the next 15 years.  The survey is easy to complete and is important for the development of our village.

Why take part?

Neighbourhood Plans help communities influence planning policies in their area, so it is important that they reflect the views of residents. Importantly, if we have a Neighbourhood Plan in place, the local community will have more say about how funding for infrastructure in Headcorn is spent.

As some of you will remember, this is the second time that Headcorn Parish Council has decided to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. The first attempt was hugely popular with residents, but, after it was submitted, significant delays in the examination process meant it was overtaken by events. Despite this, the work that went into it still delivered significant benefits. For example, the infrastructure priorities it identified led to: a decision both to expand Headcorn primary school to meet demand for places and to keep it in the heart of the village; and improvements in the sewerage system.

Headcorn’s new Neighbourhood Plan will build on this, and will cover issues such as:

  • How would we like to see Headcorn develop over the next 15 years?
  • What are our priorities for infrastructure and protecting the natural environment?
  • What improvements would we like to see in traffic management?
  • What is the demand for new housing likely to be?

Once completed the plan will become part of the framework governing planning policy in Headcorn over the next 15 years, allowing us to influence what happens in our community. So, the policies we introduce in Headcorn’s Neighbourhood Plan will have teeth. It is therefore vital that our Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of local residents. This is where this survey comes in – your views really matter, so please fill it in!

How to take part?

Anyone, who is aged 14 or over, can take part in the survey. To take part click here

Headcorn Matters  Survey (

and start filling it in. It is very simple – you can even complete the survey on your smart phone. Then tell all your friends in Headcorn about it, so they can do it too! Responses are needed by Sunday 14th March.

COVID means that we cannot provide paper copies of the survey for people to fill in, but there will be several other opportunities to influence the Neighbourhood Plan development. However, if you want to take part in the survey, but have a problem please contact the Parish Clerk on 01622 892496.

On behalf of the Headcorn Parish Council and Residents of Headcorn, thank you! We hope that you are keeping safe in these difficult times.

Cllr Lyn Selby, Chairman of the Headcorn Parish Council



The consultation sets out the preferred spatial strategy for future development, proposed amendments to existing strategic and development management policies and new development management policies for the period 2022-2037.

The consultation runs from 1st to 22nd December 2020

To have your say:-

Complete the online response form at

and email to

Or send your comments via the portal at









November 11th, 2020 – Respect and Remember – Safely

November 11th, 2020 – Respect and Remember – Safely

As you know the pandemic has put paid to many events this year, sadly one of these events will be our annual Remembrance Day Service and Parade.

The Parish Council feels that it remains important to commemorate this day and we will be having a simple service conducted by Fiona Haskett.

We will strive to give this day a sense of dignity and reverence in these most trying of times.

There will be no parade and no gathering of the Village.

Given current Government guidelines concerning the “rule of 6”, our Remembrance Service party will consist of: –

  • The Vicar of St Peter and St Paul Church
  • One representative from the Parish Council
  • One representative from the Royal British Legion
  • One representative from Churches Together
  • The Parish Clerk
  • We will also be joined by a photographer so that we can record the event. Pictures will be posted to our website and social media.

We hope that everyone will remember this day in the safety of their own homes or workplaces and will not come out on to the main street of Headcorn.

We are truly saddened by this turn of events but hope that everyone will bear with it until we are able resume our usual memorial service.