: James Thomas: jamesthomas@headcornpc.org.uk: Full Council, Planning, Open Spaces and Staffing

    I moved to Headcorn in 1989,  born and grew up in the Village of Loose. I earn my living as a Professional Actor.

    I feel extremely fortunate to live in Headcorn and the Weald of Kent, the charm and quaintness of the Village surrounded by the beautiful countryside, oh gosh I sound like an Estate Agent !! BUT it’s true, Headcorn has a huge amount to offer, being very charming interesting and diverse, please look in the Parish Magazine and you will see what I mean.

    Having said that Headcorn could be a victim of it’s own success , I don’t want Headcorn to become a small urban Town ,we need to protect and look after it, that’s why I became a Parish Councillor.

    If you feel as passionate as I do about this, come and join us.

    James Thomas 

    Declaration of Pecuniary Interest